How the Universe Allows Things to Create Themselves

Keith D. Swenson

December 4, 2016

Of all areas where science and the Bible have friction, the topic of origins is the war zone. Exactly why do evolution and abiogenesis kick up such emotion? Maybe it’s that by-your-bootstraps thing, auto-creation, the idea of organization “creating itself.” Even scientifically minded people struggle with that one. Consider how snowflakes form. Crystallization is palpable auto-creation, a spontaneous increase in order without intelligent meddling. It seems to violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics, but creationists use a flawed understanding of this law and then promulgate that misunderstanding and exploit it to support creationism. Keith D. Swenson has a degree in Physics and a Masters Degree in Computer Science. He will discuss the above topics, as well as (1) Why some people find it hard to accept evolution, (2) What the natural cognitive barrier is and why it exists, (3) The roles that misunderstanding randomness and entropy play, and (4) Several examples of how complex systems display auto-creation (such as snowflakes!).

Click here to see the slides that the speaker presented during his talk.

Humanist Community Forum (2016-12-04): How the Universe Allows Things to Create Themselves (Keith D. Swenson) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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