HCSV is Looking for a New Webmaster!

Would you like to help us out by maintaining this web site? Our site runs on WordPress and requires two or more of the following skills (we are expecting to allow for a learning period, to come up to speed on the others):

  • Write or edit pages and posts.
  • Organize with categories and tags.
  • Change the sidebar by creating or editing widgets.
  • Use a theme editor.
  • Upload PDF format newsletters using FileZilla, FTP, WinSCP, or similar tool.

The ability to edit WordPress pages, posts, and themes directly in CSS and HTML is a plus.

The program committee manages the Forum section of our website. This is not a webmaster duty. Instead, the webmaster may spend two to four hours per month (yes, per month) managing other site pages.

If we redesign the site, which is under consideration, the webmaster will contribute advice and support in choosing and installing a new theme and perhaps reorganizing the site’s main menu. But this would be a one-time task.

Interested? Please contact the Board Chair at ed@humanists.org for more details.