A Mind of My Own: memoir of recovery from Aphasia

Harrianne Mills

December 2, 2012

Harrianne Mills

A Mind of My Own is a dramatic true story of one woman”s recovery from traumatic brain damage following a motorcycle accident in Greece. Facing far more than broken bones and physical impairments, this classical antiquity professor had lost what was most important to her: her ability to successfully use language. This insightful and moving memoir begins with her awakening from a coma and not recognizing family members and follows her journey of recovery. Using journal entries, medical records, letters, and more, she tells her story from multiple perspectives. In a process reminiscent of the literary ascent in Flowers for Algernon, her journal entries illustrate her remarkable journey and provide an intimate narrative of what it takes to become a whole person again after severe brain damage. Her successful step-by-step struggle to return to a normal life is a reminder of what the human spirit is capable.

Harrianne and her son, Lucas, are active in the Family Program at HCSV.  We are very fortunate that she will be sharing her amazing story with us.  Her book is also available at the Forum.


Humanist Community Forum (2012-12-02): A Mind of My Own: memoir of recovery from Aphasia (Harrianne Mills) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.