McWhorter video on Anti-racism, Victimhood, Testing, and Woke Language

A video of an interview of John McWhorter

11 a.m., January 22, 2023

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This Sunday we will watch John Stossel interview Professor John McWhorter, author of “Woke Racism.”
Professor John McWhorter argues that condescending leftist ideology hurts black people. He argues that “Woke Racism” hurts black people in many ways: from treating them as incapable of logic, to calling for abolition of tests, to insisting that violent kids stay in schools. He says that all these ideas are propped by a religion-like ideology that “requires that you sequester your brain for illogical thinking.” They are also driven by a desire to claim victimization status, and to somehow cast oneself as continuing the civil rights struggles of the past. McWhorter compares Black culture of today with that of the 1950s. Even though racism was far worse then, he claims, Black people were pragmatic in their willingness to make the best our of a terrible situation, instead of wallowing in victimhood. The disparity of performance on testing, for example, was not as gaping as it is today.
John Stossel is a libertarian television presenter, author, consumer journalist, and pundit. He has been a host a host on ABC News, Fox Business Network.
John McWhorter is a famous American linguist with a specialty in creole languages and Black English. He is currently associate professor of linguistics at Columbia University. He has also authored books on race relations and African-American culture. McWhorter characterizes himself as “a cranky liberal Democrat.”

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