Poetry – Martin Squibbs – Reforming


In thought, in truth, for sure
Consider these words, and more
The figures, accounts, amounts, and prose
This world in which our civility flows
And stores our youth, and futures too
Some control at least for me and you
Tiny fragments of beyond, in this
We hold all that we love, and miss

Forget not though, and keep in mind
these words of mystery that we find
Sprinkled in our church of truth
Between perfect love and endless youth
Curiosity for one, where do we look
Or mystery, if we dare, to seek
Of theories unproven, dare we speak
Uncover, discover, reveal, inform
Some beauty in which life is born
Unknown until it springs in mind
And builds more truth in Human Kind

And if excite you, this discovery fair
And carefully we avoid despair
Then let us enter sense,
The root of consequence
And be…………….
And see…………..
So real, it lies in front of you
Wherever and whatever you do
Here, in fear, or fright, or joy
In any movement you employ
Ugly or fair…
Here or there.

Be born now.
Let youth be gone
Instead for wisdom long
Sense instead, build it up
Of a Rose, a stream, a buttercup

Die not in faith and fantasy
Live in awe, reality.

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