Being and Doing and Knowing by Martin Squibbs

Being and Doing and Knowing

Matter and energy, in motion, in change
Some Universal event, with force, rearrange
Without end or beginning, reality is
Now, and always, this place where we live

This essence then, of all for us defining
Of matter, energy and force combining
From laws emerge, the present norm
And repeat, and build, so shaping form

And one of these, so comes to be
The conscious mind, that’s you and me
Held within this reforming body of life
Forming on Earth, in shifting light

Our mission, it seems, in this form we fill
With common sense as our input, and a body to will
With a mind with thoughts and feelings to use
And these growing memories we hold as our only tools.

Our mission then, in this conscious reflection
Of sensed reality that reveals this remembered projection
Of past memories growing from our common sense
And possible pasts yet to be, that’s our future tense

Our mission then, with this history in mind
And a bunch of futures which from it we find
With the knowledge we discover from these memories we hold
Which we combine together in this world we behold

Our mission then, with this world we behold
And share in language, in truths carefully told
To extend its boundaries in time and space
To discover our Universe, this beautiful place

Our mission then, with this Universe to know
Reflected forms within memory where we consciously flow
Which we use to intentionally will our body to reshape
Reality now, and so civilization make

Our mission then, as civilization we form
From reflected memories in which our world is born
To realize health, peace, and beauty, in our life
And alleviate suffering, misery and strife

Our mission then, as with sense and with feeling
And with our memories, love and knowledge revealing
And so shaping reality now, for better, with freedom
Bringing joy and diversity, from hard work and good reason

Our mission then, as we love, work, and discover
Filling our minds with good memories to store and recover
And act in this moment from this world we behold
And then watch the reality of civilization unfold

Our mission then, as on Earth we revolve
With joys to embrace, and problems to solve
With our world’s in mind to grow in time and in space
With balance to find, and challenges to face

Our mission then, as we live here and now
Within this Universe we behold in our mind, somehow
What next to do, where next to go.
To do the best that we can, I will surely never know.

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