Poetry by Martin Squibbs – What a Beautiful Noise

What a Beautiful Noise

Are you aware of it too, this beauty
This endless fleeting flow
A sea of minds in life’s rivers and streams
A child’s empty of form, discovering this planet and home
An adult’s ever growing past revealed in dreams
Then older still, and despite the strongest will
Cannot cease this rock of permanence and past we know
To pass like sand through fingers frail that cannot hold
Any more a memory true, so move to change, and return a new
To sometime fleeting that is real, as senses lost, no more to feel

Can you join me too
In this world I share with you.
In measure stretching far and deep
Eternity it shapes in many ways
And wonders to reach infinity in quiet days
Then drifts away to sleep. And is no more
A living death until dawn’s encore.

All living now in your sweet mind, and mine
A world in such a tiny place
We know if it though shaping faces and gestures true
As complex muscles tense and share a clue
To reveal what’s flowing now for you.
Infinite and eternal boundaries we create, and then forsake
Concealed in just one muscle now, one tiny movement which somehow.
Comes to me in quiet light, growing in my memories bright
constructed back in past of form, to warm my heart
As you my friend grow in mind, your memory gently born.

A waking mind, immersed in time, in this endless moment
Here and now, stark sudden and sublime
Come here, come now, tell me that you know it too.
And live with me, in time, in change, for now, anew.

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