Laura Mappin

Taboos for Totalitarianism

Laura Mappin

October 27, 2013

Laura Mappin   The less we can discuss a topic honestly, the more we leave ourselves open to manipulation and control by others, including governments.

For example, if we cannot stomach the idea of just imagining that someone we know and trust could have molested our child, we might not believe her when she tries to tell us this is so. If we as a society force others to lead closeted lives that would otherwise hurt no one, we are responsible for emotionally torturing others, which can lead the closeted to behave or lash out in insidious ways. As a society or nation, if we cannot admit all of the truths about war, we can end up making choices that are sorely not in our interest.

In this presentation, Laura Mappin will discuss her taboo taxonomy and how she sees taboo subjects relating to each other. She will also discuss how she believes our increased ease with discussing these subjects and permitting some of them helps create healthier societies.

The argument to be presented is a work in progress. Your questions and thoughts are welcome.

Laura Mappin has been puzzled most of her life about what motivates people’s behavior and how those actions overlay with fairness. She has BS degrees in Computer Science and Math from the University of Pittsburgh, which probably impacted her ways of perceiving and graphing this squishy data. This presentation is the culmination of personal conundrums and ideas that have been percolating in her mind for decades.


Humanist Community Forum (2013-10-27): Taboos for Totalitarianism (Laura Mappin) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.


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