HCSV Members’ Report on the 2012 AHA Annual Conference

July 8, 2012

Arthur, Paul, Sena, Alex and Hilton

Five of the eight HCSV members who attended this Conference  reported on what they saw and what impressed them: Paul Gilbert, Alex Havasy, Hilton Brown, Sena Havasy, Arthur Jackson.

The exceptionally good conference included presentations by Gloria Steinem, Anthony Pinn, Barbara Forrest, Marshall Brain and our own Arthur Jackson.


Humanist Community Members Present

June 10, 2012

Marie and Jon Stephens will be facilitating a collection of mini-presentations by HC members to inform us of a variety of issues and activities.  Ann Hardy will demonstrate the new website and talk about what we hope it will do. We will hear Martin Squibbs and Peng Zhang talk about the nature of humanism and the possibility of a new study group. We will take a look at the community’s financial status with a report from the Treasurer (Marie) and Carl Angotti. We will hear about the Sharing Circle, a premeeting discussion group, from Rick Coccaro, and nuclear disarmament from Bob Gauntt. We welcome questions and comments from the group.

We would also appreciate comments and suggestions for the web site sent to:

World Peace Education Project

April 1, 2012

Many diverse ideas related to the goal of world peace and security, free of nuclear weapons, have been proposed in   numerous books and articles. But what ideas have national governments already agreed to? And what progress have they made so far? Using information from the United Nations and national governments related to this goal, Humanists Tim Lee,  Alex Havasy, Sena Havasy, Dianne Jacobsen, and Bob Gauntt will discuss the World Peace Education Project (founded by Bob in 2010 — see www.WorldPeaceEd.org) aimed at increasing public awareness of these issues.


Humanist Community Forum (2012-04-01): World Peace Education Project from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.