Easter Holiday

In addition to the poem below, Sena Havasy has contributed a fascinating History of the Easter Holiday as well as information on special dates in the Spring Calendar.

by Sena
by Sena


Reclaim the Spring Festival!

Honor the rebirth of the slumbering Earth,

Bursting with new life, It sends forth

the promise of future abundance

From deep in the dark, yeasty earth.

Do not tell us that on this day we must

Bow down, entering into a place and a mind set

That tells us about birth without sex, dying without death,

Trinities of power with no feminine, and eternal damnation!

Let every egg and rabbit and flowering tree remind us of

The green magic of the burgeoning earth, whose festival this is.

Walk through the greening fields and the flowering orchards,

Eagerly responding to life’s imperative, ‘Be fruitful!”

Free all the ancient fertility symbols

Reclaim the rabbits copulating in the hedgerows!

Rearing their large broods without thought or knowledge

That they will give with their bodies, life to wild multitudes.

Reclaim that perfect symbol of nurture and rebirth

That iconic shape, the perfect egg,

Growing in strength and power until the time comes

When it will release another living creature into the earth’s tapestry.

And honor the multitudes who came before

Who lived and died, ignorant of many things

But who knew that the earth was their ground of being

And that they owed it respect and nurturance.

This is our good legacy, the fruitful earth,

the living animals and plants

And the drive in all things

to be fruitful and multiply.

Celebrate it! Honor it!

Do not abandon all the richness that should be ours

To those who trivialize life, promulgating bizarre beliefs

Of birth without sex, death without dying

And a trinity with no feminine,

Reclaim the Spring Festival!


                                                                       by Sena Havasy




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