Freethought Talent Event!

Hosted by Sena Havasy

November 29, 2015

We seek music, dance, poetry, skits, whatever you would like to share with us from around the Freethought community. Creativity Sunday is an annual event of the Humanist Community. We prefer original works but a reading of something you like is welcome also. Contact Sena Havasy at or 408-739-5638.

Humanist Community Forum (2015-11-29): Freethought Talent Event! (hosted by Sena Havasy) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.


A Discussion about 1180 Coleman Avenue, San Jose as the future home of Humanist House

May 24, 2015

The HCSV Board of Directors has signed a Letter of Intent and is preparing a lease for 2120 sq.ft. of dedicated space to begin creating measurable volunteer projects with direct community benefit. The space would also be used for our Sunday Forum, Family Program and Lunch Program that are currently the heart of HCSV. Although we can handle the lease terms on our own, another goal of Humanist House is to broaden the coalition with other Freethought community groups and possibly mitigate some of the rental cost by allowing these groups to hold their regular events at Humanist House. Please click here to learn more about this exciting project and to see the results of the survey, the financial proposal and learn a little more about the project.

The Board has also scheduled a special Board meeting following this Forum at 1:00PM to hold the final vote.

Everyone is welcome to attend this Forum, where this will be discussed by HCSV’s leadership, and by anyone in the audience who wants to share their thoughts about this very important and time-sensitive question.

HumanLight & Potluck

December 23, 2012

The Humanist Community in Silicon Valley will celebrate our umpteenth Holiday Potluck. The theme will be ‘HumanLight’, a secular holiday celebrated since 2001 by secular folk. Ever since hominids figured out at the Solstice that the sun ceases to withdraw its light and warmth from the earth and every day is brighter, its return and promise of better days has been celebrated. This is a Holiday Potluck at the usual time and place of the Sunday Forums.  Come early to help decorate.

Everyone is encouraged to share pleasant memories or elements meaningful to them from their own traditions or those of “The Old Country”.

There will be a Raffle, a Silent Auction of Hand Knitted Sweaters, an Early Buffet Potluck Lunch with music afterward for those who care to stay.  There will be a piano for Classical Pieces and to accompany Carol Singing. Song Books are available with Solstice Carols.

Bring your memories, items from your traditions, and a festive potluck dish if possible.
Drinks and pizza will be provided.

Please contact Sena Havasy at, Arthur Jackson, Chris Lindstrom or Sandy Smith with ideas, suggestions, encouragement, etc.  You may also call the office for information at 650-964-7576.

Please bring an item or memory from your past holidays to share with the others present.

For more information on HumanLight see the web site.  There is also an excellent article on the site by Patrick Colucci.

Annual Poetry Forum

Sena Havasy – Facilitator

November 25, 2012

Sena Havasy, Facilitator
Sena Havasy, Facilitator


This program was the annual opportunity for all who wished to read their own poetry or just poetry they enjoyed sharing.   Most of the poems were originals although several were favorites by other authors.




People who shared their poems were:

Bob Gauntt



Dana St. George
Dana St.George





Ken Abraham











Jon Stephens





Kay Culpepper




Martin Squibbs
Sena Havasy













Helen Athey
Helen Athey

Ric Coccaro
Ric Coccaro










Poems shared:

Martin Squibbs:

Sena Havasy: