Cancel Culture and the ‘Canceling’ of Richard Dawkins

Carl Angotti and Alex Havasy, discussion facilitators

11 a.m., May 9, 2021

At this Sunday Forum, long time member Carl Angotti and our President Alex Havasy will lead an audience discussion of “Cancel Culture and the ‘Canceling’ of Richard Dawkins”.

The “Canceling” of the Richard Dawkins’ 1996 Humanist of the Year award has brought about strong feelings among some humanists and members of the AHA in particular.

For those of you not familiar with this topic, check out any of the myriad descriptions of it:

We will discuss the ideas behind the “Cancel” culture that seem to lead to Cancel culture responses. We will do this via two short videos, and then will discuss the general concepts behind this idea.

We will start with a short take on a humorous approach to the idea of the concept, since there aren’t videos available for this particular “Cancel”:
(“When Cancel Culture Cancels Everything”)

Then we will move on to the concepts of tolerance and “racism” and their relation to this cancel movement:
(“Canceling cancel culture with compassion”)

After this, for the balance of the time, we will open up the discussion to the current situation involving Richard Dawkins.

Join us this Sunday to review this timely topic.


Because of the coronavirus situation, this Forum will be held online.

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