Using Emotional Tools to Leverage Logic & Reason When Discussing Religion

BW Ellis

11 a.m., March 3, 2019

Ever hit an emotional wall when you are trying to present logical and reasoned arguments about religion?

It’s all part of being human, so use the human quality of emotional appeal combined with professional marketing tactics and the language of diplomacy to reach others when discussing atheism, humanism, and a secular worldview. Change minds using the same methods employed by some of the most convincing and influential people in western history.

For over two decades BW Ellis has worked in the communications industry. From operating his own business’s marketing endeavors to running his own graphic design firm, to designing and building large scale communications packages for the medical services, corporate, educational, and public sector industries, his expertise has reached millions.

Now, BW Ellis is producing a radio show (and podcast coming soon) called Talk Like An Atheist. This effort is an attempt to teach the tools used to convince people in commercial marketing for use toward making the case for non-belief.

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