Nigeria: Religious Conflict & Humanism

Hank Pellissier

September 9, 2018

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), a SF Bay nonprofit (, has promoted humanism for two years in religiously-conflicted Nigeria – Africa’s wealthiest and most populous nation.

This presentation will first explain religious extremism in the Islamic north (Boko Haram terrorism & the Almajiri system) and the Christian south (the “witch child” phenomenon).

Next, the heroic actions of Nigeria’s atheists/humanists will be examined (Leo Igwe, Mubarak Bala, etc.).

Thirdly, the efforts of BBI to promote secular humanism will be depicted: they’ve offered 20 Critical Thinking workshops, plus vocational training and humanitarian aid for the Almajjiri, and startup funding – accompanied by humanist lectures – to Women’s Collectives in the Al-amin Dagash Refugee Camp in Maiduguri.

Finally, BBI’s future goal to start a “mobile humanist school” for refugee children will be clarified.

BBI director Hank Pellissier will present.

Nigeria: Religious Conflict & Humanism – Hank Pellissier from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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