Uniting the Divided States of America

Michael Abramson

January 21, 2018

Michael Abramson is a physicist specializing in system modeling and simulations, and a concerned citizen leading a “Positive Agenda” group who is involved with a number of activist organizations. He will present a new taxonomy of major political groups in our society, highlighting what is common for all of them. Understanding and acknowledging this commonality is a first critical step if we want to overcome our bitter political divisions. How can we come together and build the better and stronger America for all? What our next steps could be? Who could lead the way? It may not be easy to answer these questions, but let’s start this conversation.

Documents for this event:

Uniting The Divided States Of America

Humanist Community Forum (2018-01-21): Uniting the Divided States of America – Michael Abramson from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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