This Sunday’s Forum will be held Online (see below)

11:00 AM Sunday Forum

  • Quack Medicine Chris Holland 11 a.m., March 7, 2021 At this Sunday’s Humanist Forum, Chris Holland will discuss “Quack Medicine”. Here is Chris Holland’s summary of his talk: TODAY, I WILL TAKE YOU ON A VOYAGE THROUGH THE HILARIOUS, RIDICULOUS, AND DANGEROUS WORLD OF QUACK MEDICINE Do you suffer from neuralgia, hysteria, consumption, or gout? We have liniments, oils, pills, devices, and procedures guaranteed to cure your every malady of the body and mind! From obscure ancient herbal wisdom to modern marvels of electricity and the atom, we have just what the doctor ordered! Holes in the head, radioactive springs, voltaic hairbrushes, and squirming ... More details
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