This Sunday’s Forum will be held Online (see below)

11:00 AM Sunday Forum

  • How we know what we know: Thermodynamics Ron Garret 11 a.m., June 13, 2021 At this Sunday’s Humanist Forum, Ron Garret will discuss “How we know what we know: Thermodynamics”. Ron Garret is a software engineer by trade. He is currently working on easy-to-use-cryptography software. He was a co-founder and CTO of Virgin Charter, and an early hire at Google. He was previously a rocket scientist. He also made a feature-length documentary about homelessness ( His blog can be found at ———- Because of the coronavirus situation, this Forum will be held online. If you don’t intend to ask any questions or make any comments during this Forum, ... More details
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Note: If you would like to speak at a Forum, or know of someone who you think might be willing to speak at a Forum, please send an email about your idea to the HCSV Program Committee.

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