Sunday Programs

11:00 AM Sunday Forum

  • Patience in a Hectic World Susan Cabrera 11 a.m., December 16, 2018 In our fast-paced lives, we often feel impatient. We want things done as quickly as possible and are intolerant of delays. This talk will look at the quality of patience from a psychological point of view including the concepts of delayed gratification, emotional intelligence, and self-control. Also included will be examples of when to be patient and when to take action. Susan Cabrera has her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Stanford with emphasis in behavior modification. She has been a counselor at the Stanford Institute for Behavioral Counseling and a clinical ... More details
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Forums are currently held in various locations. Please look for an announcement on this page to see where it is currently being held.

Note: If you would like to speak at a Forum, or know of someone who you think might be willing to speak at a Forum, please send an email about your idea to the HCSV Program Committee.

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12:30 PM Sunday Lunch

After the forum, a volunteer team will present a delicious buffet including favorite dishes contributed by our members and friends. We request a $10 donation. First-time visitors are welcome to have lunch for free.

1:30 PM Sunday Afternoon Program

Occasionally we will announce a program to be held after lunch, such as a meeting between HCSV members and board members, committee meetings, games, etc. These will be announced on Meetup and at the Sunday Forum.