Sunday Programs

11:00 AM Sunday Forum

  • Cryonics – Preserving Ourselves for the Future Dr. Ralph Merkle April 30, 2017 History makes it abundantly clear that science and technology are constantly advancing. Flight to the moon was little more than a dream in 1900, by 1969 it had become a reality. Today, medical technology can’t always keep us alive, let alone healthy. Looking ahead, we can already see technologies that will keep us both alive and healthy for as long as we want. How can those of us alive today, who are in need of this future medical technology, reach it? By preserving ourselves using ultracold temperatures. This will stabilize our condition ... More details
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Forums are held at Humanist House 1180 Coleman Avenue in San Jose
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12:30 PM Sunday Lunch

After the forum, a volunteer team will present a delicious buffet including favorite dishes contributed by our members and friends! We request a $10 donation for those who can afford it. First-time visitors and speakers are welcome to have lunch for free.

1:30 PM Sunday Afternoon Program

Occasionally we will announce a program  to be held after lunch, such as a meeting between HCSV members and board members, committee meetings, games, etc. These will be announced on Meetup and at the Sunday Forum.