Unfaithful Men in History
(Men who abuse their spouses,
or Men who cheat)

Ken Abraham

January 6, 2013

Ken Abraham
Ken Abraham


Exploration of various characters in history and fiction who feel guiltless in their treatment of women including the English King Henry VIII, the actor Errol Flynn and Ovid, a Roman poet who glorified the abuse of women.  The talk was followed by many and varied comments from the Humanist Community.   The only common theme seemed to be that women, and in fact all of us, would benefit from a better balance between women and men of both economic and social power.


Humanist Community Forum (2013-01-06): Unfaithful Men in History (Ken Abraham) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.


HumanLight & Potluck

December 23, 2012

The Humanist Community in Silicon Valley will celebrate our umpteenth Holiday Potluck. The theme will be ‘HumanLight’, a secular holiday celebrated since 2001 by secular folk. Ever since hominids figured out at the Solstice that the sun ceases to withdraw its light and warmth from the earth and every day is brighter, its return and promise of better days has been celebrated. This is a Holiday Potluck at the usual time and place of the Sunday Forums.  Come early to help decorate.

Everyone is encouraged to share pleasant memories or elements meaningful to them from their own traditions or those of “The Old Country”.

There will be a Raffle, a Silent Auction of Hand Knitted Sweaters, an Early Buffet Potluck Lunch with music afterward for those who care to stay.  There will be a piano for Classical Pieces and to accompany Carol Singing. Song Books are available with Solstice Carols.

Bring your memories, items from your traditions, and a festive potluck dish if possible.
Drinks and pizza will be provided.

Please contact Sena Havasy at senahav@gmail.com, Arthur Jackson, Chris Lindstrom or Sandy Smith with ideas, suggestions, encouragement, etc.  You may also call the office for information at 650-964-7576.

Please bring an item or memory from your past holidays to share with the others present.

For more information on HumanLight see the web site.  There is also an excellent article on the site by Patrick Colucci.

Creating a Life of Passion and Purpose

Michelle Chappel, Ph.D., is an internationally acclaimed musician, businesswoman and speaker

December 16, 2012

Michelle Chappel

  After being voted “Most Inspirational Psychology Professor” at UC Santa Cruz, she ditched academics to be a singer-songwriter.  She writes, “In these times, we all need to be able to develop a second act to be happy and prosperous. This talk blends psychological, mythological and scientific perspectives, along with the instructor’s personal experience with change, to show you how to leave the past behind and re-create yourself. You will learn how to discard bad habits and old belief systems that no longer serve you, build the courage to go after your dreams, and persist through setbacks. You will be shown ways to establish a support system as you change, stick to your vision despite nay-sayers and self-criticism, and create a life that expresses who you truly are.”

You can view Michelle’s slides here.  They also include information about her albums which are available on iTunes.


Humanist Community Forum (2012-12-16) – Reinvent Yourself: Creating a Life of Passion and Purpose (Dr. Michelle Chappell) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.


Solar Energy

Rick Devlin

December 9, 2012

Rick Devlin

Environmental benefits of solar power are well known. Financial benefits of solar in California are not as well understood. Mark Thomas and Rick Devlin will discuss these and other aspects of solar energy.

The cost of photovoltaic panels has dropped dramatically in the last 4 years, and is now less than 25% of their cost in 2008.  With high, tiered residential electric rates in California, photovoltaic systems usually deliver excellent monthly cash flow if financed, or provide superb, low risk Return On Investment for a cash transaction.

Mark Thomas

Learn the details!  View the presentation!


Humanist Community Forum (2012-12-09): Solar Energy (Rick Devlin) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.