No Forum, and No Tour of Palo Alto University, this Sunday

September 30, 2018

Due to extra tight security at Palo Alto University this weekend (due to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the U.S. Senate on Sept. 27th – Dr. Ford is a professor at Palo Alto University), we won’t be able to meet at Palo Alto University this Sunday.

It hasn’t been determined yet whether we will be able to meet there on Sunday, Oct. 7th. The Oct. 7th listing will be updated if it’s not possible to meet there then.

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Finding Life Beyond Earth – Carl Sagan Day 2014

Finding Life Beyond Earth – Carl Sagan Day 2014

Dr. David Morrison

Nov 9, 2014


Morrison, David 2010 smallThe search for life in the universe is one of the grand quests of current science, and there are multiple approaches that are likely to yield results within the next few decades. Depending on the nature of these discoveries, there may be a variety of impacts on society.

Morrison was one of Carl Sagan’s first graduate students, and he will also share some thoughts about Carl and his influence on science and science literacy. We can speculate on how Carl would respond were he alive today, when there are so many who are not simply uninformed, but who are actively anti-science.

Dr. David Morrison is the Director of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California. He was also the founding Director of the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) and a senior scientist in Astrobiology at NASA Ames Research Center. He received his Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard University in 1969 and has published more than 170 technical papers and a dozen books. Morrison is a passionate advocate for science education, and he has written extensively about the struggle against pseudoscience, such as the denial of evolution and global warming. He is a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and a member of the advisory council of the National Center for Science Education.


Humanist Community Forum (2014-11-09): Finding Life Beyond Earth (Dr. David Morrison) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.