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The Group meets every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Hilton Brown in Mountain View. For more information contact Hilton at:

Strictly speaking, this is not a “book group,” since we devote the first Wednesday of each month to discussion of current news events, and, on the other evenings, discussions tend to be wide-ranging, centered about, but not exclusively about, the chosen book.  The word “group” is often used but does not imply that you have to join formally in any sense. Visitors are welcome. Just show up—the more the merrier!

The current Book is “Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?” – March 2016, by Thomas Frank, MA 12/16. (239 pages)

Book Description

This is a book about how the middle class got ignored by the Democratic Party, and other liberals This led the way to some of our current political concerns.

For further information, please go to for a full description and reviews.
About the Author

Thomas Frank is the author of Pity the Billionaire, The Wrecking Crew, and What’s the Matter with Kansas? A former columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Harper’s, Frank is the founding editor of The Baffler. He lives outside Washington, D.C.

From Amazon:


From the bestselling author of What’s the Matter With Kansas, a scathing look at the failures of liberal politics, a book that helps explain the shocking outcome of the 2016 presidential election

It is a widespread belief among liberals that if only Democrats can continue to dominate national elections, if only those awful Republicans are beaten into submission, the country will be on the right course…… See more on Amazon.

13 June – Read Chapters 1, 2 and 3. – About 66 pages, so begin early.  This book is an easy read.

20 June – Read Chapters 4 and 5 – About 46 pages.

27 June – Read Chapters 6 and 7 – About 35 pages. This book is an easy read.

4 July — No Meeting, Happy Fourth of July

11 July – Read Chapters 8 and 9 – About 38 pages. This book is an easy read, and two weeks to do it.

18 July – Read Chapters 10 and 11 – About 47 pages. This book is an easy read.
Please Note: This is the deadline for the new books to be added to the Book List. The current Book List is attached. Send an email to and request a copy of the current list.

25 July – Read Conclusion and Afterward – About 38 pages. This book is an easy read.
Please Note: On 25 July we will select the next book. The updated book list  and along with a form to assist selecting the next book can be obtained by sending an email request to Before you come to the meeting, or before the meeting or if you wish to have a vote by proxy, “Rank order your choice for the top ten books for the first pass for the vote. I will vote the proxies for you. Be sure to send the proxies to me by midnight, Tuesday, 24 July.

At this meeting we intend to remove 10 books from this list. Please rank order the books to remove from the list as well (far right column). This list has grown too long so we are shortening it.

Some previously read books

Our customs on book nominations & voting