We are awed.
When we contemplate our evolution over some 4 billion years from microscopic single-celled creatures we are awed. We are awed by our abilities to build cities, to build theories and symphonies.
We are awed by, and focused on, humanity.
We are Humanists.

We Humanists believe that our values derive from our personal experiences, our culture, and our biological nature.
But how do we describe this biological nature? What are its biological constraints? Can human nature be modified?
Can we train our rational facilities to overcome our apparent human propensities toward vengeance, toward war, and toward fear of those who appear to be different from ourselves? If so, how?
These are the kinds of questions that Humanists ask.
How can we share our resources, both manmade and natural, and at the same time intensify our curiosity and creativity?
Can we maximize self expression and maintain an orderly society? What balances can we, and do we want to, achieve--being ever mindful of the planet of which we are only a part? What is an ideal society? How can we implement it?
Different cultures abound on our planet, cultures that stretch back thousands of years. Can we use what we discover from these various cultures to challenge, reconsider or affirm the assumptions inherent in our own culture?
Our questions over time will vary because we evolve, we learn, we change. Our goal is not to reach an end point but to optimize the quest. The process is the goal.

What do Humanists do?
Humanists interact. Interaction is the hallmark of the Humanist process. In groups throughout the world, we meet, we listen, we share thoughts and emotions, and we question what we are told. Through the interactive process, through the affection and respect that the process generates, our lives are empowered and improve.
In the sharing of ideas, in the sharpening of our intellects, in the expansion of our experiences as a group, we define the ideals which we exercise in our communities, in our homes, in our politics, in our jobs, in our play.

We Humanists believe that each person has a unique perspective to offer. We seek out and welcome everyone who wants to participate in the Humanist quest.