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The Humanist Community in Silicon Valley offers Forum programs on Sundays at 11:00 which are typically speakers followed by a period of Q & A, but may also be poetry readings, talent shows, etc. Join us! Note this page is typically updated monthly, and near the end of each month, once the schedule for the following month is firm.

  • Making a Difference in Social Entrepreneurship Raj Desai March 26, 2017 Raj Desai , an Indo-American, born in Malawi, East Africa, immigrated to the USA from London, England. He has devoted over 30 years in supporting and building several non profits in Silicon Valley. During this time, Raj had the privilege of connecting with India, and was included on a trip to India with President Bill Clinton. Recently Raj joined the India ... Details
  • Models of Speciation: modes and tempos Jonathan Karpf April 2, 2017 The presenter will address the evidence for competing models of where new species – including our own – come from, including evolution within a lineage vs. splitting of a line, geographic isolation vs. adaption to different aspects of the range, gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium, with a specific focus on the emergence of Homo sapiens from a Homo ergaster ancestor. Jonathan Karpf is ... Details
  • The Religious Character of American Patriotism Fred Edwords April 9, 2017 As we face a strongly divided nation, populated by those with opposing concepts of our national identity, history, and ideals, it’s time to take an honest look at our traditions and answer some hard questions. Do we have a national religion after all? If so, exactly what is it? And where might it take us? This talk will explore often overlooked ... Details
  • Forward To The Past: Life In A Second-World Country Jason Kazarian April 16, 2017 What’s it like to live in Armenia, a former Soviet republic and a member of today’s Commonwealth of Independent States? Pretty much like living in America before the Great Depression. People have cars, electricity, factory jobs, and homes, but still make their own bread and cheese. Jason Paul Kazarian worked in Armenia from 2008-2009 as a director of an IT training ... Details
  • Your Digital Monetary Power Tom Bergstrom April 23, 2017 HCSV member Tom Bergstrom will discuss how to use mobile phone apps and web commerce to fight right wing groups, how to buy products and invest in socially responsible companies that value ethical behavior, and socially responsible investing and lobbying, mostly through online sources. After the Forum, please join us for a lunch at 12:30pm. The lunch is complimentary for first-time visitors ... Details
  • Cryonics – Preserving Ourselves for the Future Dr. Ralph Merkle April 30, 2017 History makes it abundantly clear that science and technology are constantly advancing. Flight to the moon was little more than a dream in 1900, by 1969 it had become a reality. Today, medical technology can’t always keep us alive, let alone healthy. Looking ahead, we can already see technologies that will keep us both alive and healthy for as long ... Details
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