Future Forum Programs

The Humanist Community in Silicon Valley offers Forum programs on Sundays at 11:00 which are typically speakers followed by a period of Q & A, but may also be poetry readings, talent shows, etc. Join us! Note this page is typically updated monthly, and near the end of each month, once the schedule for the following month is firm.

  • Five Years on Ice Ray Sundby 11 a.m., February 23, 2020 Humanist Community member Ray Sundby will discuss his experience during five years he spent with the US Antarctic Program and life in small research oriented communities in Antarctica during the cold dark winters. ———- After the Forum, please join us for a lunch at 12:30pm. The lunch is complimentary for first-time visitors and students. RSVP on Meetup here.Like us on Facebook here.Follow ... Details
  • Humanism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Hank Pellissier 11 a.m., March 1, 2020 Humanists: do any exist in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Yes! Over 400 humanists are struggling to survive in the Ebola-ridden, war-ravaged northeast corner of this destitute nation. Hank Pellissier will describe how his nonprofit (Humanist Global Charity, aka Brighter Brains Institute) found this brave, free-thinking group, and what can be done to assist them. The amazing geography, ... Details
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