Future Forum Programs

The Humanist Community in Silicon Valley offers Forum programs on Sundays at 11:00 which are typically speakers followed by a period of Q & A, but may also be poetry readings, talent shows, etc. Join us! Note this page is typically updated monthly, and near the end of each month, once the schedule for the following month is firm.

  • Ten Lessons the U.S. Can Learn from Cuba Richard Hobbs and friends September 23, 2018 1. Decentralizing Socialized Economy 2. State-Subsidized Cooperatives 3. Human Rights Based Constitution 4. Mass Participation & Corporate-Free Elections 5. Right to Housing 6. Single Payer Health Care 7. Universal Public Education 8. Federal Policies Saving the Planet 9. Gun-Free Security 10. Prohibition on Commercial Advertising Richard Hobbs is the Executive Director and a co-founder of Human Agenda. Currently, he also serves as the moderator of Santa Clara County Move ... Details
  • No Forum this Sunday! Next Forum on Oct. 7th at Palo Alto University No Forum this Sunday September 30, 2018 Due to the efforts of many people to clear out all of our belongs from Humanist House by Sept. 30th (since then is the last day of our lease at Humanist House), no Forum will be held on Sept. 30th. However, please come to our first meeting at our Forums’ new “home” at Palo Alto University on Sunday, Oct. 7th. ... Details
  • Open House/Welcome to Palo Alto University Party and Celebration Party and Celebration October 7, 2018 Please come to our first meeting at our Forums’ new “home” at Palo Alto University. This meeting will be an “Open house/Welcome to Palo Alto University” party and celebration to give everyone a chance to get to know this great new facility that our Sunday Forums will be held in for the foreseeable future. This event will begin at 11am, but ... Details
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