Greeters Table

Every Sunday at the Forum Sena Havasy and her husband, Alex,  have a table with information about the Community and about opportunities for Humanists.  She will also be happy to introduce you to various people in the Community who share your interests.




Tableau by Sena Havasy
Tableau by Sena Havasy

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee arranges potlucks and seasonal celebrations including the annual spring dinner honoring the new board.  At the Sunday Forum it prepares the Membership Table, the lectern flowers and the table decorations. It keeps Membership and Events Photo Albums (available for viewing on the Greeter’s Table) and provides photographs. Provides a Suggestion Box and acts as ombudsman for members who request it. It enlists and coordinates greeters when we have them. It creates name buttons. It provides directories and contacts members to update information. Birthday cards are sent electronically. Paper cards are sent by Emi Hester’s Sunshine subcommittee.

Feedback and volunteers are always needed. Please contact Sena Havasy, Chairman, at

Program Committee  

Please send suggestions for future Forums to
They will be appreciated by the committee members:
Alex Havasy
Andrea Dorey
Arthur Jackson
Dana St. George
Paul Gilbert

H.E.L.P.  Humanist Enhancing Living Program

A Yahoo! Group.  Humanists willing to help members who need non-financial help such as a ride can join.  Members send an email requesting help.  Each member then decides whether they are willing and able to provide the requested help.  For information contact Brian Davis at

Investment Oversight Committee

The responsibility of this committee is to invest prudently the pre-allocated, or designated, funds of the community. This includes the Building Fund, and other ones designated by the Board.

Carl Angotti, Chairman
Hilton Brown, Treasurer
Bill Fisher
Arthur Jackson, Board President

Budget Committee

Hilton Brown, Arthur Jackson and Andrea Dorey

Public Relations

  • Web site – Jason Kazarian
  • Newsletter – Alex Havasy

 Nominating Committee

Chairman and members are appointed each year by the Board.


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