The 3/15 Forum (Progress, Happiness, and the Future) will be held ONLINE!

Michael Abramson

11 a.m., March 15, 2020

The ideas of progress, happiness, and the future are critical for Humanist Vision, which affirms that we can improve human condition. But, can humanism deliver on its promise? Are we really making progress? Did this progress bring more happiness to us? Is it leading us to a better future, or any future at all? Probably no one has definite answers on these disturbing questions, which may well be the most important questions of our life. Let’s try to find the answers together.

Michael Abramson is a physicist specializing in system modeling and simulations and working as a contractor for NASA to support the cutting edge research on future aviation systems. He is also a concerned citizen involved with a number of local activist groups.


Because of the coronavirus situation, this Forum was held online.

Here is the transcript of the talk:

Here are the slides for the talk:

Here is a transcript of the email Forum discussion about this topic that was held on Sunday, March 15, 2020:


Below are the instructions that were given to people for taking part in the email Forum discussion on Sunday, March 15, 2020:

Please read through the transcript and view the slides, and then email Alex Havasy at, and he will see to it that you will be added to the new ‘’ email list of people who want to take part in an email-based question and answer discussion of the transcript and slides for this Forum “talk” starting at 11am on March 15th.

Note: this email list will probably also be used in the future for future email-based Forums. But you, of course, can request to be removed from the email list anytime.

The speaker, Michael Abramson, will initiate the discussion around 11am by sending an email to the email list. Everyone who has requested to be added to that email list by then will receive that email. Then, anyone receiving that email can reply to the email with a question or comment, and their reply will also be sent to everyone in the email list. The speaker will then reply to that email, and so on, for as long as there are questions or comments from the audience (up until 1pm at the latest).

Thanks for your patience with this new procedure as we all try to adapt to this new coronavirus situation.


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