What The Press Doesn’t Tell You About Climate Change

Hawley K. Rising III, Ph.D.

11 a.m., March 24, 2019

When we hear about climate change in the news, it is often in the form of votes (polls) or it is in the form of very general statistics. In reality, science isn’t a vote, and climate change affects much more than the frequency of storms or the sea level. This talk will examine some of the rest of what it affects, by looking at where some of the theory came from and what it means. This will be a talk about how it is easier to break things than to put them back together.

Dr. Rising is a mathematician, and has worked in the Tech industry doing various topics related to coding and understanding of media. Before that, I did my doctoral research on chaos and dynamical systems in fluids. One of the topics in that subject at that time (the mid 1980s) was the climate change results from NASA Goddard, and the possibility of runaway climate change. Although there is more data by far now than there was then, much of what so disturbed fluid dynamics scientists at that time is still relevant, particularly the notion of tipping points.

To see the slides that were shown during the talk, click here.

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What The Press Doesn’t Tell You About Climate Change – Dr. Hawley K Rising III from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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