Science through the Power of Arts and Storytelling

Dr. Masuma Ahmed

August 12, 2018

Wait, science is not a monster that we have to be afraid of, or have to avoid at all cost! Science is everywhere and even in our everyday lives. It’s in the water we drink. It’s in the air we breathe in. Science is about why, what, and how. Why do we need to drink water? What is water made of? How do we breathe in the air?

Science tells mystery stories. It unfolds the mysteries of where did we come from or how lives began or even why the empty space is not really empty. Science is also an art. With its unique brush strokes, science reveals the mysteries of our surroundings and the Universe we live in. Don’t we all love mystery stories and beautiful arts? So why not capture the beauty of science through our powerful paintbrush and verses?

Dr. Masuma Ahmed is an internationally recognized award-winning Bay Area artist who is originally from New York City. She is a physicist and high-tech entrepreneur turned artist and storyteller. By fusing science with art and poetry, Masuma not only brings unique perspectives to her works, but also demonstrates the power of arts and creative writings in capturing the intrinsic artistry and storytelling aspects of science. Her artworks, a blend of the digital media, mixed media, and traditional media have a very distinctive versatile flair. Masuma received her Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University and art training from Bangladesh Arts Institute and Yale University. Comments from her blog reviewers, ‘I am just amazed. How beautifully you fuse the science with poetry.’ ‘You easily blend science and emotion into an art form.’

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Science through the Power of Arts and Storytelling – Dr. Masuma Ahmed from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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