Mini Law School – Religious Free Exercise In A Secular Society

Leland Chan

May 20, 2018

Religious believers are becoming more convinced that their constitutional rights are being violated – from the barring of public prayers and religious monuments, “gagging” political speech in churches, to “coerced” acceptance of gay marriage. What do the US Constitution and the Supreme Court say about free exercise of religion? Join in this discussion which will focus on the case in which the Court will decide whether a Colorado baker violated the state’s anti-discrimination law when he refused to bake a cake to celebrate a gay couple’s union. Perhaps even more significant than the free exercise issue, the case introduces another argument that splits First Amendment advocates: whether enforcement of the law violates the baker’s free speech rights.

Leland Chan is a lawyer who follows religious free exercise and establishment clause issues.

Religious Free Exercise In A Secular Society – Leland Chan from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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