How the Biggest Military-Industrial-Congressional Fraud of the 20th Century Launched the Internet

Lester Earnest

January 14, 2018

The Internet is a result of the following five main developments:

· First Computer Network: SAGE air defense system, Initiated by MIT in the early 1950s, built by many contractors and operational 1958-1982.
· General Purpose Interactive Computing: timesharing systems, developed at MIT, beginning operating in 1962 and went commercial in 1965.
· General Purpose Computer Networking, initiated by people from MIT and funded by the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), resulting in the ARPANET, which largely interconnected academic institutions.
· Network Interconnections: Internet Protocols developed at Stanford University, released in 1974 and eventually adopted widely, forming the Internet. Also called TCP/IP.
· Standardized Graphical Terminal Interface: World-Wide-Web, started at CERN in Switzerland in 1990, came into widespread use by 2000 and now is maintained at MIT.

Thus, MIT played a major part in creating the Internet. By chance, Lester Earnest contributed to each of the above developments, and is evidently the only person in the world who did that.

Humanist Community Forum (2018-01-14): How a Fraud Launched the Internet – Lester Earnest from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

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